Designing Narratives


I leverage new technologies to retell human stories and ideas in unanticipated but familiar and intuitive ways through design, animation, prototypes and empathy. And i’ve met a lot of great people along the way.


I think and move through system hierarchies horizontally and upwards. I take apart the constituent parts of an idea to see how it functions and interrelates within the context of different ideological hierarchies and my own.


Having an eye for motion graphics is nothing small of bursts of clairvoyance— brief glimpses into the future for only seconds at a time. With proper planning and anticipation, one can receive insights into how to be positioned three moves ahead of your own goals.




This is what good help looks like.



I am a brand connoisseur. I create symbols people will recognize immediately and remember forever.

Creative Direction

Creative Direction

From concept, through design, development to user testing, then deliverables; and back again.



I love animating things to life. I use state-of-the-art technology to push envelope of animated possibility.

User Experience

User Experience

I can offer expert advice in regards to understanding a user's system experience and design or prototype services that improve upon the original experience.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

I am host to a popular partnered YouTube gaming channel and Double Click Studio Certified. YouTube is a much different beast now compared to when I started but the knowledge of Google Analytics that was imparted upon me was and still is invaluable. No I will not share my YouTube channel with your kids.

Living the American Meme


I’m Kevin; enterprising, prudent, and friendly; I notably have the potential to go far with the right company. So join me and let’s see how far we can go.

I adapt to new technologies for fun. Self proclaimed auto-didact. I find it immensely gratifying to lend my craft to friends, causes, and occurrences in time.

I play many fighting videogames competitively and place professionally because I love a good spirited challenge and I’m always pushing my own technique and technical roof.

My creative roots in literature, animation, and games are apparent in my work because they are paramount to my creative existence. I learned from the mentors of these mediums and I applied it to my own being.

I got my Peruvian good looks from my angel of a mother.

I tear at the webs left by ideological tarantulas.

Being Relativity Responsible
Trying not to laugh or cry about it.


Senior Interaction and User Experience Designer

I'm a cool guy doing cool things.

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