The 2018 remodeling of The Risk Engineering Energy Forum.


We are discussing how companies like DarkTrace might advertise their services on the REEF homepage with my oversight. It has since changed dramatically to meet their growing needs.

REEF in 2013.

REEF was first launched in 2013 with my oversight. It has since changed dramatically according to their growing needs.

Risk Engineers Energy Forum

REEF needed a digital strategist to come in and lead creative development for their interest group, and provide a consultation for the experience of their products, identity, and digital presence—from scratch.

I have been working with senior risk management to set up a road map for the research, strategy, production, design, user experience, analysis, for their creative business needs.

A lot of time was spent interviewing business owners to make certain we are meeting the scale of needs required for this project, especially in regards to design and user experience. A careful amount of time was spent allocating budget to contract specialized developers or web services that would become colleagues of mine.

The Risk Engineers Energy Forum is an energy interest group hosted by Allianz. REEF has quarterly meetings where representatives from different energy risk management companies come together to discuss the state of the industry and best practices.

I have been working with senior business owners and management at Allianz since 2013 to establish and maintain their digital experience.

Project Details

  • Client: Allianz
  • Tasks: Concept, Design & Development
  • Website: