Experimental AR Mobile Shopping App

Reiterating and Adding in Features

Yes, the copy was presented as is. Anyone who noticed enjoyed the sentiment.

"Bullseye Says"

Combining Forces with the Developers


Further Reiteration and Rescoping within existing native Target Apps

Creating and Adding UX / UI Feedback and Assets

(This is all I am able to show at the moment. Ask me for more details in person if this is of interest.)


These are all animated.

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Nationwide campaign highlighting Target’s contribution at a state level

The scope of this project is maybe the largest campaign I’ve been a part of. Here’s where it made some appearances:

“Delaware Valley”
“Greater Boston”
“Greater Houston”
“Metro Atlanta”
“South Florida”
“The Bay Area”

You may have seen the print version at one the local stores?


This is the digital side of the campaign.

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Project Description

I worked directly with the broadcast team and digital media team at Target to help steer and synergize animation and interaction design across all digital, in a comprehensive, multi-million dollar holiday campaign. I spent a careful amount of time sharing and creating best practices for their banner pipeline. I brought my expertise as a banner developer, interaction designer, and user experience design. I found time to experiment with new forms of animation and interactivity within banners on mobile for some major campaigns with Target internally, Google and Nintendo. There was a lot of teaching opportunities with their in-house team, I worked with the team in India to help meet delivery deadlines and shift quality expectations; many of my contributions ended up being adopted into their standards. I was required to negotiate with management, vendors and ad serving services to make certain that we were maximizing Target’s digital media buys.

I had the creative keys to banners at Target, I was creating a standard of banners they were unaccustomed to—in a great way. A critique I often heard was to dial it back, but only because we were limited by time and developers.

I was developing and experimenting with new forms of interaction within banners that were some of the first of its kind. I also had the opportunity to develop my prototyping skills in a few different departments.

Project Details

  • Client: Target
  • Tasks: Design & Development, Creative Direction
  • Website: