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This will take some explaining;

I have been working with a handful of small teams at Best Buy to define use cases for their new user-centered software and then help design needs into applications and interfaces. The clients have all been veteran business owners or department heads that need help solving large scale user-centered problems for various service delivery platforms. I was tasked with researching, designing, and redesigning a list of actions or events in wire frames that defined the interactions between a user role within their various systems so that it can be developed into functioning software.

My goal was to take the time needed to learn the veteran’s individual job responsibilities, how they interact within their delegated software and then improve upon that system by designing low-fi and high-fi wire frames that would map out various user journeys and how the software should be structured and developed around that experience. I familiarized myself with their agile methodology and knew enough about their language of choice (Bootstrap) to help contribute in meaningful ways when high-fi mock-ups were handed off to their development team in Mexico. We oversaw development through completion.

It’s difficult to express just how instrumental these different applications are to the way Best Buy operates, organizes, receives, repairs, and tracks inventory; inventory issues, response to vendors; validation of vendor bonuses, I could go on and on. The purpose of streamlining all of those features into four or five different epics was to optimize the experience and user flow in an end to end way so that the user’s experience would be the same; no matter what the point of entry is into any of these interrelated systems. Best Buy did some major planning to make sure this could happen, and it’s constantly being re-scoped because they are trying to save hundreds of thousands of employee hours by creating high functioning, optimized, user-centered back end software.

  • Client: Best Buy
  • Tasks: User Experience Design, User Interface Design
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Project Details

I was contracted at Best Buy to deliver end-to-end user centered software plans through low-fi and high-fi wire frames that mapped user roles and experiences. I oversaw the software’s development from high-fi wire frames to functioning software. Our client was their veteran employees and department heads asking for a more cohesive online experience, no matter the point of entry. This is potentially saving the company hundreds of thousands of hours in labor, time and money.